We have been very pleased with our builder, Stu Clark of The Lakes Building Company Ltd. Stu comes up with good practical solutions, has sorted out good subcontractors, is cautious about getting the really important things right and is energetic and quick to do the hard work. He explains problems well and listens to our wishes and concerns.

My wife Tricia and I are both happy and impressed. Stu does not seem to have a lazy bone in his body and neither do any of his employees.

Client - Dr Ian and Mrs Patricia Robertson - Arrowtown

We highly recommend Stu! Nothing was ever a problem. The building work was excellent. We really enjoyed the whole building process thanks to Stu. We would happily talk to anyone who would like to speak to a prior client.

Client - Hannah & Dougal Fox - Arthurs Point

Our building experience with Stu and The Lakes Building Company was outstanding. Stu and his team and his contractors totally impressed us. With a top quality, on time, on budget house build. Stu is so professional yet very easy to work with. He won't take shortcuts and won't let anyone else. They saw things that we didn't and made sure it all worked. We were tentative about building again after our first go years ago, well if we didn't like our house so much we would do it all again with Stu and his team. Happy to take a call if you want to hear more.

Client - Neville & Erynne Andrews, Orford Drive, Jack's Point